Original Stations

San Antonio Fire Museum
The location of these old stations was as follows:
  • Steamer Co. No. 1 on Market Street and St. Mary’s Street (Present Site of Central Station)
  • Steamer Co. No. 2 on Avenue C, now Broadway, (present site of Commonwealth Bank and Trust Co.)
  • 4th Ward Hose Co., Romana Plaza and Main Ave. (now Romana plaza)
  • 7th Ward Hose Co., opposite old Mission Garden (present site of old Station No. 7, South Alamo and Water Street.)
  • Sunset Hose Co., Grand Avenue near Ave. D, now North Alamo Street. (This building has been converted into a private residence and still stands.)
  • The Hook and Ladder Co. was housed with Steamer Co. No. 2.
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